The Importance Of Vitamin C & Which Form Is Right For Your Skin?

We know the vitamin C can boost our immune system, but science has also shown in multiple, independent studies, the benefits of vitamin C for and on your skin. 

Vitamin C is important to help protect the structural integrity of your skin, most specifically, through its affects on collagen production. Collagen is a protein that is naturally abundant in your skin, and unfortunately, its production tends to slow down as we age. It has been shown that when applied to the skin, topical vitamin C not only helps to protect collagen from damage, but it can help trigger the skin to heal itself, encouraging production of new collagen (and elastin, both proteins that help to plump and firm the skin)! This can help visibly reduce lines, improve firmness, and potentially thicken & strengthen the dermis.

Beyond collagen, vitamin C provides powerful antioxidant benefits that can help protect skin cells by neutralizing damaging and highly reactive molecules, called free radicals, that may be caused from stresses of environmental or UV exposure. This can aid in your skin's natural regeneration and repair of damaged skin cells.

These antioxidants also have a brightening effect for skin tone. What's more, vitamin C has also been shown to help impede melanin production and can not only help protect against hyperpigmentation, but help to fade dark spots for a more even and radiant skin tone.



Multiple research has confirmed L-ascorbic acid to be the most potent form of vitamin C to provide benefits for the skin. However, this form of vitamin C is also known to be very unstable and oxidize extremely quickly when exposed to air. It also has to work at a low and quite acidic pH, which can definitely be an issue for sensitive skin. Even vitamin C products from some leading brands we've tested do not penetrate the stratum corneum due to hydrophilic (water-loving) and lipophilic (fat-loving) characteristics of their ingredients. What's more, using unstable & improperly formulated products can increase free radical activities on skin to cause more harm than good.

We worked to solve this issue and found a solution that allows L-Ascorbic Acid to be more effective and minimize harm to skin. Research has shown effective concentrations of this ingredient at approximately 10-20, but remember, the higher the percentage, the more irritation and damage it can cause. Our new IDEAL LIGHT C+ Skin Defender™ Serum has encapsulated a 15% concentration of L-Ascorbic Acid in an ultra-stabilized, never-before patented carrier system of multiple pathways to efficiently work on different levels of the skin to hydrate, firm, and neutralize free radical damage plus oxidative stress that break down different layers of your skin. Ingredients are kept potent and targeted to provide protection and repair where it matters most. 

It is recommended for all skin types except the very dry or very sensitive. 



This is where the promising form of vitamin C called Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (THC) comes into play and it's prominently featured in our DAY POTION. THC is a new generation stable and bioavailable form of vitamin C that has shown greater affinity to skin, improved stability against heat and oxidation, and found to be 50 times more powerful than traditional vitamin C in studies. This makes it very suitable for those with more sensitive and dry skin concerns as it offers protective antioxidant abilities, promotes collagen production for firmer-looking skin, helps even the look of skin tone, promotes hyaluronic acid production, and enhances the abilities of other antioxidants.

With everything that properly formulated vitamin C has to offer, don't wait another day to give your skin its essential daily dose!


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