Esthetician's Simple AM Skincare Routine

Daily Morning Essentials For Lasting Radiance and Strength



Thanks for sharing your morning routine with us, Brendan!

Denise July 29, 2019

Branden, I have to get in to see you again. I love the products I have purchased from you and may have to try some of the ones you demo here. I also would love to say that your hair looks great longer and the grey is amazing on you.

Teresa Casson July 29, 2019

Super helpful video! Thanks for sharing. And you look great! I need to come see you and buy that sunscreen. :)

Catherine O. July 29, 2019

What a great video! Your expertise is so impressive! With this hot and sunny Seattle weather I think I’m going to give the tinted 360 a try! And what brand (Lex & Jong?) translucent mineral powder?

Thank you Brendan for all you do- “little” things that make me feel a bit better about the way I look actually makes a huge difference- I am truly grateful 😽

Elyse Kleidon July 29, 2019

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