5 Youth-Enhancing Makeup Tips To Take Years Off Your Face

By Brendan Vartan, esthetician & mua / @brendanvartan


Pictured in this article is my 74-year old mom. No needles or lasers have touched her face and when she receives compliments, she kindly credits her appearance to loyally following my skincare and makeup techniques through the years. Read on to find out some of the secrets that help keep her (and many clients) looking their healthiest with makeup.


5 Makeup Tips To Take Years Off Your Appearance - Beauty Blog



Keeping your image fresh can be just a matter of trying out a new lip or cheek color every few months. While neutral browns, grays or taupes flatter many, when you get higher in age, consider adding bright pinks, peaches or reds  (whether as an undertone within your neutrals or as main shades) to your face. A vibrant shade may look scary in the pan, but a little bit goes a long way. The difference and the way it can pick up a tired-looking face will be immediately visible. 


As we age, nature tends to contour for us naturally and adding to your natural contour can make you look more gaunt and less healthy. Plus, shades meant to contour are meant to mimic shadows and tend to be grey in undertone...not the most flattering for skin that may have less color. Instead, opt for soft pinks, peaches or reds (depending on your skin tone) applied lightly on the apples of your cheeks. If you are on the pale side, a warm shade of bronzer blended with and perhaps slightly under a blush can also enhance the look of your skin while providing a visually less severe enhancement to your natural definition. 


While time can give more definition to your face in some areas, many notice less definition in areas like the lips, eyes and brows,  This is when lip, eye and brow liners can become your best friends to help bring back what is lost. Keep in mind that while we may want definition, anything harsh can age your appearance. Make sure the lines you make are smooth and blend them out so there are no hard lines. This also helps people to notice you more than the makeup.


You've heard it, "People over 40 should only wear mattes." Forget this rule. Everyone is different and sometimes, an overly matte look can be harsh and too powdery looking. Instead, focus matte colors on where you have deeper lines. For other areas of your face, put on products with a little soft sheen (not chunky high glitter) to highlight. Every face is different, but areas where a little luminosity can really perk up your appearance are usually the brow bones, the middle of the lid, lips and high planes of the cheeks. 


This may be contrary to what you may think as the older we get, more shadows and unevenness in both texture and tone may appear. While some may want to just instinctively cover it all, more often than not, a thick layer of makeup ages the appearance of your skin. Instead of caking on a concealer triangle under the eyes  (a technique often seen on influencer youtube videos), if coverage is needed, pat on a light layer of concealer or foundation - only where needed. Don't put base on areas that don't need coverage beyond the light amount of left-over product that need to be blended from higher-coverage areas. This will allow the glow of your natural skin to come through and your makeup to look more natural. A person who can create a look of natural luminosity will appear fresher and healthier than someone who looks like she or he is wearing a mask. 

Go ahead! Try some of these techniques on yourself, and I am sure you'll see the positive differences. I am finalizing some color products launching soon that will definitely help make it easier to achieve these techniques and help make looking fresh and healthy more effortless. Stay subscribed to find out the latest, and if you have any questions on this or any other articles, I'd love to hear from you! 

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I’m only 34 and already want to try all of these.

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