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ZEN SOURCE - Calming Comfort Anti-Redness Soft Foam Cleanser


Treat your skin to the thrill of a NEW lush & comforting cleansing experience while knowing you're treating your skin to a proper clean like no other. Its incredibly caring, yet incredibly thorough detoxifying technology lifts and absorbs irritating impurities within its cushiony, silky foam while respecting your skin's delicate moisture mantle. Ideal to give all skin its best start - even the most sensitive or reactive.

What's more, Zen Source Calming Comfort Anti-Redness Soft Foam Cleanser is a 100% soap-free with soothing, anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory agents that simultaneously calm and provide healing properties for the skin. Chinese Wu-Zhu-Yu Fruit works to visibly reduce redness and the Ginger Root helps to promote a smoother, more even, and radiant tone.  



Apply foam to palm and gently massage onto skin. Impurities will be pulled up by the foam as you massage and the foam will turn into a luxurious silky texture as more impurities are absorbed. For best results, use our best-selling CLEAN POTION as a first cleanse after workout or when wearing sunscreen & long-wear makeup. Follow with ZEN SOURCE Calming Comfort Anti-Redness Soft Foam Cleanser.


  • Water/Aqua - a vehicle for water-soluble ingredients to mix and work together.
  • Decyl Glucoside  - a very mild, biodegradable soap-free surfactant that gently removes dirt, excess oils and eliminates tensions between liquids. Very suitable for sensitive and reactive skin 
  • Sodium Coco-Sulfate - a cleansing agent derived from a blend of coconut oil fatty acids with large molecules that don't penetrate skin to likely cause irritation.
  • Glycereth-26  a glycerin-based emollient to help smooth skin and help emulsify ingredients.
    • Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate - a non-irritating cleansing ingredient known to be extremely gentle to skin at even high concentrations. It replaces harsh cleansing agents while retaining effective properties. 
    • Cola® Mate Sl - an extra-mild surfactant that has very low skin and eye irritation potential and ideal to support thorough detoxification without being an irritant or sensitizer. It helps product to easily rinse clean and reduces the irritation of anionic ingredients in the formula. 
    • Glucquat™ 125 Humectant   an exceptional skin-conditioning humectant that helps pull moisture into the skin. 
    • Chloride -  a binding agent for ingredients in the formula.
    • Glycerin -  plant-derived hydration booster that is one of the most effective humectants available to draw moisture deep into skin, protecting it from loss of water other harsh products, and helping it look look smoother. 
    • Chinese Wu-Zhu-Yu Fruit - an active that has been shown to soothe irritated skin, visibly reduce skin redness, and inhibit inflammation
    • Ginger Root Extract  - contains the potent antioxidant, gingerol, known to help protect collagen breakdown. In addition, it is known to help reduce the appearance of blotchiness and hyperpigmentation while it also acts as an anti-irritant with anti-inflammatory and calming properties for skin. When combined with Bisabolol, this synergistic pair has been shown to decrease inflammation and visibly soothe redness. 
    • Bisabolol - its proven anti-inflammatory properties are effective at decreasing signs of acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, and rosacea among other inflammatory skin conditions. It pull moisture to the skin as a natural humectant and is a rich source of skin beneficial vitamin B.
    • PEG-40 Castor Oil -  an emollient to help keep skin soft and help prevent moisture loss from skin.
    • Allantoin - a soothing plant extract that acts as a calming agent. It binds with irritants to help heal sensitized or compromised skin to reduce redness and itchiness.  It has exfoliating properties that improve the appearance of dull skin and smoothes improve skin's water content while decreasing transepidermal water loss.
    • Butylene Glycol - helps dissolve ingredients that also fights dryness and helps skin to more effectively hold moisture.
      • Disodium EDTA - helps prevent metals from water from being deposited into skin, helps antioxidants to be more effective, and helps prevent the formula from damaging changes in pH. 
      • Phenoxyethanol - one of the most effective broad-spectrum preservatives to help prevent growth of fungi, bacteria, yeast, and mold.
      • Ethylhexylglycerin a skin softening agent that boosts anti-microbial performance of ingredients to help products last longer.

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        A whisper and a dream

        I keep waiting for a lex+jong product to miss, to not quite deliver on its promises, ... and the wait continues.
        Soft. Velvety. Luxurious.
        Zen Source Cleansing Foam is another hit in a collection of hits.
        My skin has always been "rosy," that is to say prone to breakouts, rosacea, irritation and redness, a side-effect of my very fair skin. I thought I had hit the cleanser jackpot with Clean Potion (which I still use and adore), but Zen Source foam is transcendent. It cleans without stripping and soothes without residue It is whisper light and simultaneously rich and luxurious. And it works. My skin is now porcelain and even, clear and calm.
        I love this product. It is my favourite cleansing staple. If you have any skin concerns at all, lex+jong has a solution ... an ethical and cruelty free solution. ❣️

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