Your skin's best defense each and every day. Lex and Jong Ideal Light C+ Skin Defender Antioxidant + Firming Even Tone Serum with proven science for firm, refined, luminous results.Lex and Jong IDEAL LIGHT C+ SKIN DEFENDER Antioxidant + Firming Even Tone Serum main dropper bottle image
Ideal Light Sunscreen & antioxidant defense that helps even out skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and gives radiance immediately and long term with SPF 46Ideal Light Multi-Defense broad spectrum SPF main model image with product
Synergist - Micro-Targeted Deep Crease Serum™ Collagen Synthesis ReactivatorLex and Jong Synergist Micro-Targeted Deep Crease Wrinkle-fighting and firmness multi-peptide and minerals serum
Lex and Jong Primordi-A™ Targeted Repair Retinoid Complex New Year 2022 main model benefits image for lines, wrinkles, pores, dark spots, dullness, clarity, and loss of firmnessLex and Jong Primordi-A™ targeted Repair Retinoid Complex targetedd treatment for lines, wrinkles, large pores, breakouts, dark spots, hyperpigmentations, and uneven skin tone. 1oz airtight bottle with pump

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