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SYNERGIST Re-Densifying Line Repair Rapid Firming Moisture Cream (Subscription Price: 185.40)


Firm Again. See It. Feel It.

What if cells can be stimulated on multiple levels to do their specific functions like younger skin and your skin can be stimulated to repair itself? Experience our most advanced moisturizer with Epidermal Growth Factor + PGF Multi-Peptide Complex - The Science Proves It! 

As skin starts to increase in lines and lose its firmness can anything help you feel its strength and vitality again? With Synergist Re-Densifying Line Repair Rapid Firming Moisture Cream, the answer is yes! Synergist comprehensively addresses multiple stubborn visible signs of skin aging to deliver measurable results. Using scientifically proven, patented ingredients formulated with never-before stability, we have overcome a major issue that has rendered a lot of skincare ineffective despite the potential of their ingredients in the past. This is why you often don't see the results you hope for.

By stabilizing ingredients that excel individually to address specific visible skin-aging concerns related to damage and combining them in a formulation that allows them to work even better together, independent tests have shown significant effects on direct collagen stimulation, barrier protection. free radical protection, reduction of environmental and UV damage, growth factor augmentation, and brightening.


The Nobel Prize-Winning Science

Based on Nobel Prize-winning research evolved for new advancements in skincare to help achieve new levels of results, Synergist combines specific safe and potent concentrations of growth factors with cytokines proven effective in promoting repair by up-regulating key proteins and down-regulation of inflammatory pathways and wound healing. After all, skin aging is a form of a wound and strongly affected by inflammation). Specifically,
  • Well-researched Epidermal Growth Factors (EGF) with hundreds of proteins (an unprecedented 540 to be exact)
  • an advanced peptide complex
  • new technology sustained-release antioxidants
  • 4 chains of 16 carbons that help mimic natural hydration process, and
  • barrier-restorative ingredients were specifically selected for Synergist to offer enhanced efficacy and to mitigate any safety concerns relating to growth factors. 

What are EGFs?

They are proteins produced by all types of cells - from those on the surface of the skin to collagen-making fibroblasts - that are found in abundance, especially in young healthy skin but start to slow in proper functions as soon as our mid-to-late twenties. These proteins go between cells to signal important actions that are relevant to repair that include boosting collagen synthesis, prompting cells to produce components that improve skin firmness and elasticity, and strengthening the skin barrier. They function like a lock-and-key activation system that when activated, tells cells to perform their vital functions specific to their roles for improved skin health. More specifically, signaling proteins bind to receptors on cells to which commands can be sent. This can be described as replacement therapy that can also resuscitate basic skin functions that include more collagen & elastin production and healthier cell turnover to help correct many skin issues.

Growth factors are the ultimate healers and induce the body's own mechanisms for repair as they bind to the EGF receptor to prompt proliferation and stimulate the regeneration of cells that fight multiple signs of aging. Cells are prompted to produce the structural components of the skin that are responsible for strength. firmness, and healing. By fortifying the structural tissues in the skin matrix, it has been proven to measurably improve age-accelerating inflammatory concerns as well as lines and wrinkles over time

It goes beyond peptides to affect cell regeneration and help repair damaged tissues while being well-tolrated by just about all skin. Not only can this help change the way your skin looks, but this can help the way it behaves unlike any other ingredient out there. With superior regeneration and repair capabilities, it can replace several products to address multiple concerns.

With continued use, Synergist's stabilized and synergistic ingredients can help 

  • Stimulate crucial proteins that give skin its elasticity and the dermis its structural support including collagen, elastin, and fibronectin.
  • Promote skin cell growth, skin reconstruction, regeneration, and rejuvenate aged cells through specifically-selected proteins and peptides
  • Stimulate stem cell and epidermal regeneration to promote increased thickness of the epidermis with a higher number of cell layers and reduction in visible lines from this filling and surfacing effect. 
  • Visibly blur and smooth vertical wrinkles after only 7 days.
  • Boost Transforming Growth Factor Beta that does multiple duties to help sculpt the face and neck for a firmer, more lifted appearance and reduce the appearance of pores for smoother, more refined looking skin.
  • Actually mimic the body's own mechanism to produce collagen with a Tripeptide Complex. Collagen synthesis is stimulated to significantly decrease the appearance of age-related wrinkles and collagen degradation is reduced by expression inhibition of MMPs and cytokines. It promotes up to a 76% increase in collagen levels within the skin.
  • Helps enhance protection against UVA/UVB damage + signs of photo-aging, brighten and even the look of skin by 1. Helping to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase (the enzyme responsible for melanin production) 2. Reducing melanin synthesis including those that are UV induced by up to 80%. 3. Preventing melanin transfer from melanocytes to keratinocytes.
  • Protect the skin surface lipids (SSL) from oxidative stress and strengthen skin barrier function with a sustained release reservoir effect of antioxidant powerhouses and radical scavengers for more effective protection of lipids from free radical damage and longer-lasting antioxidant defense.
  • Strengthen crucial skin barrier and replenish skin's fatty acids needed to keep the skin hydrated. 

What does this mean for you?
  • Visibly fewer wrinkles
  • More lifted looking contours
  • Significantly stronger, denser, firmer feeling skin
  • A smoother more refined texture with less visible pores 
  • An overall brighter, more even glow of healthy-looking  skin
Synergist is truly more evolved skincare that takes skincare cosmetics as far as our advanced technology could go. Now it is up to you to take advantage of its benefits and start to see and feel significant results - and with continued use, enjoy even better results for years to come.

Note: Products with advanced and well-researched EGFs can sell on the market, especially at such potent concentrations, for close to $300 or more. Because we offer the Synergist Re-Densifying Line Repair Rapid Firming Moisture Cream exclusively through our site, there is no middle man so more people can take advantage of the amazing benefits that are improved with exclusive stabilization and delivery technology. 


Apply to face, neck and décolleté, avoiding eye area. For the best wrinkle-fighting, collagen & firmness-boosting results, use over Ideal Light C+ Skin Defender™ in the day and the Synergist Micro-Targeted Deep Crease Serum™ Collagen Synthesis Reactivator alternating with Primordi-A at night time. Follow with  Synergist Eye 5-In-1 Multi-Corrective Eye Cream for the eye area. Allow to absorb before applying additional products. Can be used twice daily or as directed by physician.




  • Water/Aqua - a vehicle for water-soluble ingredients to mix and work together.
  • Glycerin -  plant-derived hydration booster that is one of the most effective humectants available to draw moisture deep into skin, protecting it from loss of water other harsh products, and helping it look smoother. 
  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride - mimics fatty acids, triglycerides, and waxes found in healthy skin.
  • 540 HMG/EGF Complex - proprietary and innovative complex of multiple cell type sources and 540 very specific proteins selected for safety and optimal results to promote repair, extracellular matrix organization, elasticity, and rejuvenation of aged skin cells. 
  • Glyceryl Stearate - a skin conditioning emulsifying agent that helps to decrease water evaporation and makes the product more stable against unfavorable changes to the formula.
  • Neopentyl Glycol Diethylhexanoate - a skin-conditioning emollient that helps stabilize texture of product.
  • Isopropyl Myristate - an effective moisture-locking ingredient that not only helps to keep moisture in your skin, but acts like a mortar that fills cracks between skin cells to strengthen the skin barrier to help resist moisture loss long-term. It also helps to soften and smooth skin and especially effective for dry, flaky skin conditions. 
  • Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate - a new generation stable and bioavailable form of vitamin C with greater affinity for skin, improved stability against heat and oxidation, and found to be 50 times more powerful than traditional vitamin C. Beyond its protective antioxidant abilities, it can help to promote collagen production for firmer-looking skin, promote hyaluronic acid production, and enhance the abilities of other antioxidants. It has been shown to help inhibit the activity of tyrosinase (the enzyme responsible for melanin production) and reduces melanin synthesis by 80% to help even out skin tone and reduce UV induced pigmentation.
  • Maltodextrin - an effective moisturizer, softening, and hydrating ingredient that also functions to help bind specific ingredients together for more even distribution and stability. It also helps form a film to keep moisture in the skin.
  • PEG-100 Stearate - moisturizing emollient that helps to emulsify ingredients.
  • Undecane - ECOCERT approved sustainable emollient used to help soften skin and help product apply smoothly, evenly and absorb quickly.
  • Cetyl Alcohol - considered one of the "good alcohols", this skin-softening emulsifier stabilizes products to prevent separation of ingredients and helps products to apply more evenly.
  • Dimethicone - helps smooth the look and feel of skin and proven in several dermatological studies to be an effective moisture binder for skin to help prevent water loss. It has also proven to be effective against protecting skin from irritants and preventing skin from developing severe skin conditions that include dermatitis and eczema. 
  • Squalane - a hydrogenated and more stable version than many used in traditional skincare. This antioxidant and very effective emollient works to reduce the look of wrinkles, eliminate scars, lighten pigmentation, fight free radicals and even helps to reverse UV and environmental damage. Skin can recognize this anti-inflammatory ingredient instantly which is allowed to absorb in deep layers quickly to help balance oil production and help prevent water loss from skin.
  • Phenoxyethanol - one of the most effective broad-spectrum preservatives to help prevent growth of fungi, bacteria, yeast, and mold.
  • Tridecane - a 100% renewably-based, readily biodegra­dable, Ecocert-, COSMOS- and Natrue-approved skin-conditioning emollient that helps to soften and smooth the look and feel of skin while offering smooth and even spreadability of product on the skin. 
  • Acrylates/ C10-30 Akyl Acrylate Crosspolymer - an ingredient emulsifier that helps create uniform product texture and helps supplement skin's crucial protective barrier.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate - accelerates re-epithelialization / has anti-inflammatory properties / inhibits MMP1 expression in mature skin / increases water-retaining capacity of the stratum corneum
  • Ethylhexylglycerin a skin softening agent that boosts anti-microbial performance of ingredients to help products last longer.
  • Sodium Hydroxide -  a pH balancer to adjust product pH to help allow ingredients to work best with help product work ideally with skin's natural pH.
  • Disodium EDTA - helps prevent metals from water from being deposited into skin, helps antioxidants to be more effective, and helps prevent the formula from damaging changes in pH. 
  • Swertia Chirata Leaf Extract - shown to stimulate healthy stem cell and groth factor production, while it stimulates epidermal regeneration to promote increased thickness. After only 7 days, clinical tests show it blurs the look of vertical wrinkles. 
  • Syn-Up™ - this patented cosmetic peptide works as a moisturizing and rebalancing agent that helps to restore skin resilience and  increases skin's resistance against daily stress attacks. This innovative ingredient significantly promotes great-looking skin by helping it to visibly look smoother and more hydrated by offering measurable prevention of flaky, dry skin conditions and impressive reduction of stinging and irritation for sensitive and sensitized skin. 
  • Citric Acid used to adjust pH so ingredients can work at their highest potential and product can work more efficiently with the skin.
  • Tripeptide Complex - mimics the human body's own mechanism to produce collagen. used in a percentage shown in clinical tests to help reverse visible signs of photo-aging in as little as 4 weeks. This concentration was shown to help stimulate collagen synthesis to actively remove the appearance of age-related wrinkles and reduce collagen degradation by expression inhibition of MMPs and cytokines. This results in a more sculpted and lifted-looking contours in addition to more refined-looking skin with less visible pores. 
  • Ubiquinone (CoEnzyme Q10) - a well-studied antioxidant that can help even skin tone, improve skin hydration and reduce visible effects of environmental and sun damage. 

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      Lisa Wheeler
      Worth it!

      I was skeptical to splurge this much on this moisturizer as I hadn’t spend this price point before on skincare. I’ve been satisfied with some great skincare lines (ARCONA) but I have such faith in Brendan and his commitment to excellence, I decided to bite the bullet and try. I am so glad I did! The results weren’t immediate, but after several weeks of regular use, I can sincerely say my skin is firmer, brighter and smoother in appearance. For someone close to 50 years of age with no cosmetic procedures done, I think the product is just awesome.

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