Give your skin its best chance to thrive today while resisting future visible damage with this transformative duo.  The proven ingredients in these formulas provide a 24/7 microbiome-friendly day-to-night defense and repair system that work together to significantly boost skincare benefits for visibly improved skin day after day and year after year. 




All day and every day, your skin is bombarded by environmental assaults - including pollution, climate/temperature changes, and UV exposure - that produce damaging free radicals that create inflammation. This inflammation, in turn, causes more free radicals. This cycle causes accumulative damage that starts on a cellular level to break down the skin deep down. Eventually, this can show on the surface as inflamed redness, dark spots, dullness, and loss of skin firmness.

Help prevent environmental damage that can cause close to 90% of visible skin aging. Day Potion is a new class of comprehensive and synergistic broad-activity antioxidants plus patented next generation tone correctors in a skin-compatible delivery system that is friendly for even sensitive and sensitized skin. This formula works on multiple levels to effectively combat, neutralize (and even help reverse) the damage of reactive molecules and chemical reactions known to cause negative DNA mutations. 

Day after day, go beyond crucial skin defense to see visible results that include a reduction in the appearance of sun damage, age spots, tone irregularities, dullness and redness for a healthier-looking, clearer, and more luminous tone like never before. Skin feels and looks firmer and smoother with less visible lines and wrinkles.

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Lack of sleep, stress, hormones, accelerated nightly water loss, and accumulated damage from the day all play major roles in the health and visible aging of your skin. These factors contribute to collagen breakdown, slower cell turnover, dryness and ultimately loss of firmness, lines and wrinkles. Besides a strong preventive program, your skin needs effective multi-corrective ingredients to help rehabilitate damaged skin without the harshness of traditional methods that cause inflammation that break down the skin even more to accelerate visible skin aging. 

Night Potion helps to repair the visible effects of daily damage and works to replenish its crucial reserves during your skin's optimal time for repair. It is formulated with patented ingredients that have been shown to promote the natural repair targeting damage from the day's assaults. Daily irritation is soothed and skin is replenished with a rich reserve of anti-oxidants and lipids to strengthen it against the next day's onslaughts. It's important that damaged cells are repaired before they continue to reproduce and cause even more damage. Night Potion helps to speed up repair functions and replenishes extended release moisture-binding ingredients that improve skin's ability to hold moisture to fight accelerated transepidermal water loss. With ingredients shown to help promote natural collagen production and gentle cellular renewal, see wrinkles appear pushed up and out as though plumped from within. Skin texture feels and looks firmer, smoother and pores appear diminished and more refined.

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Lex and Jong is dedicated to skin health and creates products that not only help to reduce the look and feel of inflammation in skin but work to promote skin barrier that looks and feels stronger which can encourage improved functions of defense and repair. It may not sound glamorous, but your skin won't care as long as it works.

To do this, our core treatment products address the issues related to skin barrier health from multiple fronts:

  • REPAIR - Exclusive microbiome-friendly, photo-stable ingredients that have been shown to help reduce immediate and delayed skin damage while reversing signs of cellular senescence.
  • REPLENISH - Multi-targeted skin barrier builders and smart skin hydrators help to move moisture where needed and help provide proper homeostasis for skin.
  • REBUILD - Essential fatty acids that skin can't make but need for proper functions help to promote barrier strength.


PLUS the benefits don't stop there. The more you use the Day Potion and Night Potion System, the more the benefits build. You'll see.


Customer Reviews

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Excellent Products

I've been using Lex + Jong Day Potion in the morning, and Night Potion before I go to bed, for about a month now. My skin is getting softer and clearer each week! My face never feels tight or itchy. I love that the Day Potion includes sun screen. The product is a light oil, and never feels greasy or oily. It just feels like I'm giving my skin a treat each day! I trust Brendan's products and know that I am always getting the best of the best. It lasts a long time and is worth the price. The small batch way he makes his products always insure that his products are fresh and effective. I'm a fan!

Instant Facial

This is not an ad. This is an honest review from a real person, who really uses these products.
1. I am 54 years old.
2. The pictures were taken without a filter, in natural light. ... I wish I could figure out how to attach a picture ... then you could see the truth!
3. I am not wearing any makeup.

I have been using lex + jong products since their creation a few years ago, and before that a variety of different high-end skincare lines carefully curated by Brendan Vartan for my needs ... oil+dry+acne-rosacea prone skin.

The lex + jong line is simply the best.

I use the Clean Potion to wash my face in the morning and evening, and the sensation of massaging the silky oil into my skin is meditative and soothing for skin and mind. I follow up with the Day or Night Potion, and finish my skincare routine with Optimal Response Firming Repair Moisturizer. My skin looks and feels like I've had a facial ... every single day.

Brendan is a true master of his craft, and his skill and devotion to excellence shine through every pore of my skin.

I would give each of these products 5 stars, however, that would imply that lex+jong is on a comparable level with other products and that is simply not true. Lex+Jong is in a class by itself, and the new gold standard in skincare.

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