Lex & Jong Double Oil & Foam Cleansing Method for detoxification and purification for all skin even the most sensitiveClean Potion - transforming cleanser and makeup remover bottle
Your skin's best defense each and every day. Lex and Jong Ideal Light C+ Skin Defender Antioxidant + Firming Even Tone Serum with proven science for firm, refined, luminous results.Lex and Jong IDEAL LIGHT C+ SKIN DEFENDER Antioxidant + Firming Even Tone Serum main dropper bottle image
Lex and Jong Primordi-A™ Targeted Repair Retinoid Complex New Year 2022 main model benefits image for lines, wrinkles, pores, dark spots, dullness, clarity, and loss of firmnessLex and Jong Primordi-A™ targeted Repair Retinoid Complex targetedd treatment for lines, wrinkles, large pores, breakouts, dark spots, hyperpigmentations, and uneven skin tone. 1oz airtight bottle with pump
The essential broth of minerals and amino acids for skin collagen and elastin synthesisThe Youth Collagen Lex and Jong Synergist Micro-Targeted Deep Crease Wrinkle-fighting and firmness multi-peptide and minerals serum
Synergist moisturizing treatment science technology and benefits with product and model imageSynergist moisturizing treatment proven to improve the 5 pillars of beautiful skin main product and model image
Lex and Jong Synergist Contour Sculpt Jawline to Decollete Multi-Corrective Firming Treatment
Ideal Light Sunscreen & antioxidant defense that helps even out skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and gives radiance immediately and long term with SPF 46Ideal Light Multi-Defense broad spectrum SPF main model image with product

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