My name is Brendan Vartan, a cosmetologist (esthetician, makeup artist, hair stylist and nail technician) for ~30 years. My passion for beauty began around the age of 12 when I began my battle with acne and later on, I was also diagnosed with eczema and psoriasis. I have struggled to balance my acne-prone and sensitive, reactive skin for most of my life but a few years ago, I began to get large, inflamed red patches that spread all over my face. Choosing to not use conventional options that included steroids, hydrocortisone, or drugs that could affect the immune system, I began to look deeper into many "clean" beauty lines for solutions. Surprisingly, it was difficult, even within lines marketed as gentle for very stressed or sensitive skin, to find alternatives that did not contain ingredients that are proven irritants and skin sensitizers.

Psoriasis & skin irritation photos - Why I started Lex & Jong

This was my motivation to take matters into my own hands with formulations stripped down to well-researched necessities. Day by day, my skin got better. These formulas helped to not only calm my flareups, but gave me comfort and clarity that I have not seen or felt in a long time. 

Up to this point, I had never seriously entertained the idea of starting a product line. Even though I knew it would involve many aspects that were far out of my comfort zone, I knew I had to put myself out there to help others. This began my journey to collaborate with chemists, other skin experts and labs. The idea for Lex and Jong was born. 


Lex and Jong founder, Brendan Vartan


I grew up with a mom who loves to cook and found much joy from making people feel good through her food. It was from her that I developed my love for mixing ingredients, the knowledge of traditional remedies, and love for uplifting others. From my father, I got my love and skills for creative pursuits. I will always remember the time I first began my career. They sat with me and told me that no matter what I do, never to cut corners and to put the benefit of my clients first. When you help people achieve their goals and have genuine care for them, the trust people will give you will carry your business. You will love what you do and everything else will fall into place. It's the people and values that are important. This has always stayed with me. I named this line after them as I wanted to be reminded of this every time I pick up a Lex & Jong product.

Beauty has no boundaries and our products can benefit and be enjoyed by beauties of all ages, ethnicities, and identities. I am fully committed to making a beautiful difference for you and labor on each decision to make sure Lex and Jong is worthy of your trust. Each of us has a story, and I am beyond excited to hear and read about your personal experiences and results with these products. 

With love and gratitude,


Mentor Paul Starr makeup artist for Rachel Weisz and Britney Spears