Although vitamin C, retinoids, and acids have high skin benefit potential, they are often unstable and can cause more harm to sensitive skin than good. Beyond the need to calm and strengthen, those with sensitive skin have aging concerns too. In fact, those with sensitive skin can actually show signs of skin aging faster due to higher potential for inflammation.

This is why we have created the following advanced treatment formulas. With scientifically-proven results on the key visible markers of skin aging, they work to address the specific needs of even sensitized or sensitive skin for day and night.

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Phyto-Retinol a retinol alternative serum potion with bakuchiol


DAY - Skin Illuminating Antioxidant Potion

Formulated with synergistic and stable antioxidants ideal for sensitive and sensitized skin. It instantly gives the look of luminosity seen in healthy skin and helps to create a more even, clarified and smoother-looking skin tone over time. This comprehensive potion offers our most advanced complex yet with an exclusive 3-tiered approach to visible skin health now and long-term.


NIGHT - Cellular Repair Potion

A advanced multi-tiered retinol delivery formula shown to provide significant visible improvements for all key signs of environmental damage and skin aging - including hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, loss of elasticity, and lines. An exclusive complex of phyto-ceramides, humectant micro algae, and essential fatty acids help to offset inflammation and strengthen skin barrier functions so even sensitive skin can become healthier skin and experience ideal renewal and repair.