I never believed beauty was about achieving perfection, but more about what makes you feel happiest and most vibrant.  I applaud people who celebrate lines on their faces and see them as age merit badges. However, I also want to offer positive solutions for those who want to feel their best and would like to address the beauty concerns that bother them.  Beauty is not seen the same way by everyone, and each individual has a right to wear and present her/his/their beauty without judgment. You want to wear rred lipstick to the grocery store? Good for you! In the end, beauty is not about following trends or rules - but ultimately what brings you joy. I have seen so much joy from clients I have worked with after getting great results from skincare and makeup, that I want to extend this kind of happiness to others through Lex & Jong. 

Filling new moisturizing skincare creams for sensitive skin in the lab


Going against the grain of the current beauty climate, I intentionally wanted to make sure that what our products can do for you were the main focus as opposed to their other "virtues." We did not want our products to be an after thought. I know it sounds weird that cosmetic companies may not think of product performance first, but many times in reality, it starts with marketing.

The quality and effectiveness of every product you will use from Lex and Jong is of top priority for us throughout the entire process of every project. I don't even have a marketing team to tell me how to sell a product after it is finished. The descriptions for these products may seem a little "science-y," but our main focus for you are results based on this science with the long-term health and strength of skin in mind. This means we make products free from many ingredients that have been proven to have high potential to harm skin by causing inflammation or breaking down skin barrier - based on research - not arbitrary scare tactic-based definitions of what's  "clean" or "natural."  



It's not enough to create products isolated from the world we live in. Everything we do has an impact. This is why 

  • we use packaging and shipping supplies that are recyclable / biodegradable 
  • if we are able to get all required information on our packaging, we don't include extra packaging.
  • we work with local suppliers as much as possible even if it means higher costs for us to limit carbon footprint.
  • we work with suppliers who employ sustainable methods and do not use unsustainable palm-derived ingredients. 
Cupping clean water with hands. Lex & Jong eco-friendly skincare beauty and cosmetics environmental standards


Our animal friends also help to make this a more beautiful world.

As an animal lover, it is important that Lex & Jong products not be tested on animals at any point of production. You will not see Lex and Jong sold in countries that require animal testing. Our sweet rescue family member, Ludwig von Cat (below) - who has sensitive and reactive skin himself and has a special diet for it - is our official ambassador for our strict adherence to cruelty-free standards. Follow our Instagram and Facebook @lexandjong to see more of our Cat Executive Officer in action.

Ludwig von Cat, a Flat face exotic shorthair white cat, for vegan and cruelty-free beauty