We make products with the long-term health and strength of skin in mind. This means we make products free from many ingredients that have high potential to harm skin by causing inflammation or breaking down skin barrier - based on research - not arbitrary scare tactic-based definitions of "clean" or "natural".  


Nature is a beautiful thing but we never generalize to say just because it's "natural" it's better or just because it's from one certain place, it's better. To create our products, we draw upon modern scientific studies balanced with documented evidence of how plants impact skin and hair with a global approach inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and Nordic traditions. Each bottle is rich with therapeutic powers to promote long-term results. 


We believe that effective beauty should be simple and create products that are effective while eliminating the need for unnecessary steps and extra potential sensitizing ingredients for skin.

Skincare science rooted in power of plants and ayurveda


It's not enough to create products isolated from the world we live in. Everything we do has an impact. This is why 

  • we use packaging and shipping supplies that are recyclable / biodegradable
  • if we are able to get all required information on our packaging, we don't include extra packaging.
  • we work with suppliers who employ sustainable methods and do not use  unsustainable palm-derived ingredients. 
environmentally-friendly, sustainable, cruelty-free, vegan beauty


Our animal friends also help to make this a more beautiful world.

As an animal lover, it is important that Lex & Jong products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients and that these products not be tested on animals at any point of production - from individual ingredients to completed product. You will not see Lex and Jong sold in countries that require animal testing. Our sweet Ludwig von Cat (below), a family member we rescued from a stressful situation that coincidentally has been diagnosed with skin allergies, is our official ambassador for our strict adherence to vegan and cruelty-free standards.

Ludwig von Cat, a Flat face exotic shorthair white cat, for vegan and cruelty-free beauty