Skincare is often treated like fashion these days with new "it" glamorous-sounding, not-based-in-science ingredients each season (now with the latest Thing-a-ma-jig-smoothing hyaluronic complex®, rare crystals, or a flower hero ingredient from the base of the Himalayas, etc.). This often leads to excessive layering of products, actives and exfoliants at increasingly higher percentages and even DIY mixing of ingredients. It's not surprising that according to data collected by the International Journal of Dermatology, more than 50% of women and almost 40% of men declared having "sensitive" or "very sensitive" skin. This number continues to rise as more clients are coming in with discomfort, irritation and other signs of sensitized skin that also lead to accelerated skin aging.


Lex and Jong is dedicated to skin health and creates products that not only help to reduce the look and feel of inflammation in skin but work to promote skin barrier that looks and feels stronger which can encourage improved functions of defense and repair. It may not sound glamorous, but your skin won't care as long as it works to make skin look and feel better.

To do this, our core treatment products address the issue of skin barrier health from multiple fronts:

  • REPAIR - Exclusive microbiome-friendly, photo-stable ingredients that have been shown to help reduce immediate and delayed skin damage while reversing signs of cellular senescence.
  • REPLENISH - Multi-targeted skin barrier builders and smart skin hydrators help to move moisture where needed and help provide proper homeostasis for skin.
  • REBUILD - Essential fatty acids that skin can't make but need for proper functions help to promote barrier strength.

Ingredient specifics are listed on individual product pages (coming soon).

Smiling with fresh skin


We admit it -  we are more than a bit obsessive when it comes to formulating products and overprotective of the beauty our clients' skin. 

When formulating products, we don't have anyone telling us to limit formulations to a specific price range or market. Instead of focusing on hero ingredients mixed with fillers to drive down price, we believe the things we put on our skin should help it. This means being extra selective about what we find to be effective ingredients from research and combining them in a way that helps to promote synergistic functions at percentages found to provide visible results. We absolutely believe that this provides more value for our clients through a less complicated routine for improved results. We want the quality, ease of use, and effectiveness to keep our clients coming back.



While we like the idea of what many define as "clean" beauty, we wish so many didn't include ingredients that have been shown to be have high potential to irritate, sensitize and weaken skin. These include citrus extracts/oils, essential oils, naturally-derived and synthetic fragrances, volatile floral plant extracts and spices. Just because it's natural doesn't make it better. We take skin integrity seriously and choose not to include these ingredients no matter how popular they may be in the unregulated world of "clean" beauty. 



For us, the passion for beauty is very personal. We are not business people who decided to start a beauty brand. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but Lex and Jong is truly based on a deep-rooted commitment of cosmetologist, Brendan Vartan, who has worked in the field with clients for over twenty years.  Each visit with a client is not just a 10 minute pop-in session but involves everything from thorough magnification analysis, customized treatments and personalized color applications. Each experience in the treatment room and on the makeup chair helps to guide formulations. Based on these successful experiences, products have been designed to work on diverse clients of various ages and ethnicities. In fact, the idea of Lex and Jong began when Brendan found such success formulating from these observations to treat his difficult skin issues, that he wanted to share the results with others. 

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