Imagine struggling and trying to balance both acne and psoriasis throughout your formative years. I have devoted my life to beauty to help others as I know from experience that its effects when you struggle goes much deeper than the superficial. Years of research and experience as an esthetician helped keep my conditions under control, but several years ago, I began to get large patches of psoriasis on my face. Choosing to not use conventional options that included steroids, hydrocortisone, or drugs that could affect the immune system, I began to look deeper into just about every "clean beauty" line for solutions. However, it was surprisingly difficult, even within lines marketed as gentle for very sensitive skin, to find alternatives that did not contain ingredients with proven irritants and skin sensitizers. My skin reacted to everything and got so bad, that the scales and red patches couldn't even be hidden with full-coverage makeup.

It was at this point, that I set out to create a different kind of product line that would help skin to heal by subjecting it to less chemicals, both naturally-derived and synthetic ones. Despite costs, I wanted products that contain only pure, essential ingredients for effectiveness, eliminating fillers and many unnecessary ingredients with high skin-sensitizing potential (including natural fragrances). The idea for Lex and Jong was born.