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CLEAN POTION: 5-in-1 Cleansing Treatment


For absolute freshness, Clean Potion is cold-processed in very limited small batches to offer the most potent 5-in-1 purification for exquisite translucence and unparalleled comfort.


Even if you think you are happy with your cleanser, we invite you to try Clean Potion for at least a week so you can begin to see and feel the difference a truly ideal cleanser can make for the first time.


From acne to lines, many skin issues can begin with or are aggravated by improper skincare. Proper cleansing is one of the most important (but often overlooked) steps in skincare. Although cleanser remains on your skin for a short time, if skin-damaging ingredients are used repeatedly, it eventually becomes a problem for skin health that can lead to a myriad of skin concerns including acne, dermatitis, redness, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles.

Currently, nearly all foaming, cream, and even many oil facial cleansers on the market break down or remove crucial barriers responsible for healthy skin. These include the hydrolipidic barrier, essential for protection against external aggressors and irritants, and the important microbiome - the good bacteria and good natural oils on your skin that help to keep skin's protective barrier strong and keep skin comfortable & healthy. If your skin feels squeaky clean or powder-smooth after washing your face (whether from cleansers or exfoliants), you've already weakened your skin barriers and stripped your skin.

Even naturally-derived oils with no surfactants that require washcloths for removal can put skin out of balance. Many we have seen do not have a proper balance of linoleic and oleic acids which can be a problem if you use the wrong ones for acne-prone skin or irritated compromised skin.

Although in many cases the damage does not show right away, habitually compromised skin becomes weaker, less able to hold moisture, stressed, and more vulnerable to breakouts, rough skin texture, blotchy or uneven tone, lines, and other signs of environmental damage.


We believe in using less to do more and developed Clean Potion as an all-in-one cleansing solution that actually helps provide special care for your skin's crucial protective barriers during the cleansing process. At the same time, it easily dissolves water-resistant sunscreen, long-wear makeup and thoroughly lifts pollutants to rinse clean. Skin is infused with a blend of oils that helps soothe the look of redness and feelings of irritation. Nature's own antimicrobial and sebum-regulators help to visibly calm excess oil & breakouts. A very precise combination of omega & EFA levels helps promote a more balanced look and feel - whether your skin is more prone to dryness or has oily skin concerns. Skin is ideally cleansed, nourished, and in a receptive state for treatments to follow. Day after day, skin feels stronger and looks more balanced with calmness and clarity.


This complete multi-phase, oil-to-milky foam cleanser removes the need for extra eye, lip, and face makeup remover, second cleanser, softener, and toner. The elimination of excess steps in the cleansing process helps to prevent harm from excessive stress to delicate skin.

We suggest using 1 dropper if used in the morning without makeup, and 2 droppers for evening cleansing to remove heavy makeup, pollutants, or other impurities that may have accumulated throughout the day. Begin by spreading the precious cleansing blend evenly on dry skin and lightly massage. Wet your hands and massage well again without pulling the skin. The addition of water transforms the silky blend of oils into a comforting, light milky foam as it thoroughly removes makeup and impurities from the skin. The more impurities that are on your skin, the milker it becomes to lift them away. Rinse clean with lukewarm water. No washcloth needed. For best results. follow with ZEN SOURCE Calming Comfort Anti-Redness Soft Foam Cleanser as a second cleanse after workout or when wearing sunscreen & long-wear makeup. Skin is left ideally purified, comforted and ready to better receive the benefits of the next steps in your skincare ritual.






Customer Reviews

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Eloise Allsop

I have never had a skincare routine as my skin is super sensitive and always flares up when I put anything on it. I was recommended the clean potion cleanser by a friend and it's made my skin so calm and smooth - I have been using it every day and I really love it - it feels really nice to finally be able to use a cleanser as part of a daily routine. I would highly recommend this product.

Alison Farmer
This really helps my rosacea

As a long time Rosacea sufferer I am very hesitant to try a new product as change often brings eruption and months of trying to find a balance again. When Brendan brought out clean potion I wanted to, and was prepared to have a go as I have never met anyone that cares so much about what goes in to a product and has such a genuine desire to help others that have problem skin. I’ve now been using it for 5 months and I could not be a happier. Before using it I would get regular flare-ups that required use of my prescription cream for a few days. Apart from a small flare up at the start of using Clean Potion when I tried going without moisturizer, my prescription cream has stayed in the drawer and my skin tone has evened out. I’m only just onto my second bottle, so its turned out to be good value too. I’m so delighted I switched to Clean Potion and that Brendan put so much heart and time into his passion and created such a wonderful product.

Elizabeth Williams

I've been using it for 2 months and am still only about a quarter of the way through!

Elizabeth Williams
Waited to write this!

I did wait to write this as I was afraid my positively biased opinion of Brendan might influence my judgement, but I have been using this cleanser for over two months now and have concluded that I love it independent of my opinion of it's creator!
So....I have tried many expensive brands, many skincare influencer recommendations, and many other top rated cleansers, but I do have to say this one is my top pick. I have used it for over 8 weeks, my skin is sensitive/dry/aging and it has worked so well for me. I even experimented by leaving it on overnight several times to check sensitivity and loved the effect in the morning!
I think this really is a superior product and and am confident (finally) to recommend it!

Tara Schneider
Run, don't walk!!! You need this cleansing potion in your life!

I have worked in the beauty industry for many different brands over the past 20 years and have never before found a cleanser that leaves my skin feeling soft, clean, and balanced all at the same time until I tried The Cleansing Potion. I am so impressed with its ability to completely remove all of the day's makeup and sunscreen, while still somehow invigorating my skin leaving it supple and comfortable until the next morning! The Cleansing Potion is the holy grail of skin cleansers!! I look forward to using it daily.

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