The Complete PLENITUDE 3-Step Hair & Scalp Treatment System (SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: 163.80)


To encourage you to experience the absolute best results for your scalp and hair as soon as possible, we're offering a limited-time special for the complete PLENITUDE 3-Step Haircare Treatment System from now through Saturday, 3/26 with complimentary priority shipping. 

"I am so excited to hear about and see your results! "

- Brendan Vartan, cosmetologist & founder of Lex & Jong


This System Works and THE SCIENCE PROVES IT

The PLENITUDE Treatment System is a non-invasive hair restoration program for global hair needs that is performed at home. 

Step 1 is the Treatment Shampoo to help detoxify and encourage an optimal environment for hair growth. By using the shampoo, clients can experience expansion of the shaft of each individual hair follicle for a healthier look and shine.

Step 2 is the Treatment Conditioner that works to reinforce your roots, strengthen to help protect against breakage, and nourish to restore essential moisture to your hair. 

Step 3 in the PLENITUDE Program is the application of the Intensive Hair & Scalp Nutri-Age Bio-Growth Activator treatment serum. Made with BIO-10 COMPLEX that includes biomimetic peptide, this serum is clinically proven to reduce the production of the DHT hormone and slow down thinning hair and provide for efficient and proper hair growth. Together, these three synergistic products can stimulate visibly healthier and stronger hair growth and overall beauty.

Clinical results on clients show the 3-step system can help

  • Achieve visibly healthier & stronger hair less prone to brittleness and breakage
  • Reduce hair thinning and fallout while encouraging healthier new hair growth
  • Restore strength, adding new life to limp hair
  • Restore & balance moisture to enhance silkiness & shine

While this comprehensive treatment system can improve hair and scalp conditions for many hair types and concerns, including sensitive scalp, colored, or highlighted hair, it has shown amazing results to visibly restore limp or thinning hair. This non-surgical hair restoration system requires no healing time or recovery. Although results will vary, many clients see results within 30 days from initial use. Clients can expect to see measurable improvements in thinning areas with continued use of the 3-step treatment.

Please visit individual product pages for usage directions and ingredients details.

Customer Reviews

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Soft. Full. Curls.

I was hesitant to try the lex+jong haircare; not because I was worried about the quality of the products, they are impeccable, but rather because I am very (very very) fussy about my haircare. For years I colored and straightened (abused), but the pandemic forced me to try my natural grey and let my natural curls take over. While I love the silver, wisdom sparkles, my fine, flyaway prone hair became even more likely to frizz and I have struggled to find an ethical product that doesn't just coat my hair and crush my curls.
I should have known.
I should have trusted that lex+jong would have products that delivers soft, defined curls and are good for the overall health of my scalp and hair. I can't get over the softness.
Another triumph in a product line that has no peers.

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