Why You Need A Moisturizer - Yes, Even Those With Oily Skin

Properly moisturizing your skin with an effective moisturizer is a very important part of any skincare routine. It functions to help supplement and maintain the strength and integrity of your moisture barrier to not only maintain healthy skin cells, but to help skin better protect against environmental damage and irritation.



People with oily skin may feel that their skin produces too much oil already and the last thing they need is moisture. What you should realize is that there is a difference between moisture and oil and skin needs BOTH oils and moisture to survive. This is why I don't really believe in oil-free moisturizers. You just need less of it for those with oily skin concerns.

Oily skin is oily due to overactive oil (or sebaceous) glands. This can occur due to multiple factors including hormones, stress, diet, environmental factors or improper skincare. This is where a good moisturizer comes in as it can help balance your sebum production and help prevent problems associated with oily skin concerns including breakouts and inflammation. 

Tip:  Lex and Jong's Ideal Light Full Spectrum Targeted Brightening Moisture Emulsion not only provides the essential moisture and balance skin needs, but it helps to refine, brighten and clarify the look of skin and improve the look of spots acne breakouts may leave behind. 



On the other hand, dry skin produces less sebum and lacks the necessary lipids to help form a protective barrier to retain moisture or to protect against external aggressors which can aggravate dry skin conditions. Because dry skin lacks the essential components needed for a strong skin barrier function including lipids such as fatty acids, ceramides, and cholesterol and natural moisturizing factors, a good moisturizing routine becomes crucial.

Tip: The Zen Source Barrier Strengthening Lipid Restore Moisture Cream does what it says with scientifically proven ingredients crucial to help support repair and barrier strength for dry or sensitive skin conditions. It effectively helps to protect against irritants and helps prevent Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL).  The Synergist Re-Densifying Line Repair Rapid Firming Moisture Cream goes beyond intensive (yet not heavy) moisture to help address multiple stubborn age-related concerns of skin damage. 



Despite marketing claims, facial oils do not moisturize the skin. 

What effective moisturizers do is help to stop water loss and create an ideal environment to promote skin repair. It should contain humectants (which attract and bind water to skin), emollients (which help to fill uneven surfaces to help soothe, smooth, and soften the feel of skin), and occlusives (which physically holds and traps moisture to skin). 

Notice that when discussing different skin conditions, I did not say skin "type." This is because skin can have a transient nature that can change with age, hormones or even the seasons. Those with combination to "normal" skin conditions still need to moisturize regularly to help keep skin balance and help prevent problems. Those with sensitive or compromised skin conditions (actually all skin conditions) need to avoid moisturizers with ingredients such as fragrances, essential oils, denatured alcohol (or other drying alcohols) that can exacerbate many conditions and trigger problems. Visit this page for more details.

All of Lex and Jong's advanced moisturizers were formulated to be free of these and many common and proven skin sensitizers and pore-blockers. 

Tip: Sun and environmental protection is not only crucial for healthy skin barrier but it's a must to protect skin health. While not all moisturizers with sunscreens have the most effective sun protection, Lex and Jong's Hydrative Day UV+ Environmental Defense Moisture Cream was formulated to not only moisturize skin, but provide highest approved levels of stable UVA/UVB/Infrared and High Energy Visible Light protection in addition to protection from damaging environmental assaults. It may be used in the AM alone or over another Lex and Jong moisturizer of your choice based on your specific needs. 



If using alone, it's best to apply it on slightly damp skin perhaps after the shower or washing your face. If using over a serum, follow serum directions. An important tip is to be gentle and not pull and drag on your skin as you are applying product. This is why I don't believe in facial massages. Not only can the friction cause water to evaporate, but repeated disturbances can make skin less firm. Lastly, a little bit goes a long way. Applying more does not mean your skin will absorb more. Listen to your skin and if it feels good, you are most likely good to go. 

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