My name is Brendan Vartan, the founder of Lex and Jong. My passion for skincare began around the age of 12 when I began my battle with acne and later on, I was also diagnosed with psoriasis. The prescriptions and conventional products that promised results made my conditions worse, and it wasn't until one of my visits to Thailand where met a traditional herbalist, that my conditions began to improve. This opened my eyes to other options - gentler approaches that allowed for healing and repair as opposed to the prescribe-by-number methods that focused on over-exfoliating and stripping the skin.

My career in beauty started with a passion. At first, it was to help my own struggles that affected my self-confidence throughout my formative years, but  then, it became a mission to help others from having to go through what I went through. After working as a makeup artist, esthetician and hair stylist for over 23 years, I realized that no one school of thought is better than the other, and truly sustainable results often come from balanced solutions that respect your skin. This is the basis of Lex and Jong.

If you are wondering why this line is called Lex and Jong, you have my parents to thank for that as these are their names. When I first began my career, they told me that no matter what I do, to never cut corners and to put the benefit of my clients first. When you help people achieve their goals, everything else will fall into place. This has always stayed with me, and I wanted to be reminded of this every time I pick up a Lex & Jong product. 

Thank you for your interest in our products. I feel so honored to to share them with you and cannot wait to hear about your experiences AND results.