Lex and Jong

HAIR POTION Sheer Illuminating Multi-Treatment Protective Nourisher


As a cosmetologist (both an esthetician and hairstylist), I wanted a product that would beautify hair but be friendly to sensitive scalp. This inspired me to create a hair treatment oil that would multi-task to nourish hair and scalp and help 

  • decrease breakage & split ends
  • protect from mechanical styling & heat damage
  • detangle hair
  • provide  frizz control
  • provide non-greasy, radiant shine
  • brilliantly enhance color, lowlights, and highlights for beautiful multidimensionality.

A truly global approach to hair beauty, please read on to the ingredients we have specifically chosen for this formula to see more specific benefits.


The Ritual

Hair Potion is very concentrated with 100$ beneficial ingredients and no fillers. Because of this, please start with a small amount and build based on your needs. Apply to hair and adjust the amount to your length and needs.

As a styling aid

Use on towel-dried hair to help defend against heat damage and to expedite drying time. Apply a small amount to dry hair for frizz control, healthy-looking radiance, and to bring out the absolute best in your color, lowlights, and highlights.

For deep-conditioning, pre-shampoo treatment

Saturate your hair with Hair Potion and rinse after 10-20 minutes. Follow with Plenitude Volumizing Treatment Shampoo & Plenitude Volumizing Treatment Conditioner for best results.

Beautiful Blowout Tips

Apply Hair Potion to hair that's about 70-80% dry. Blow-dry in sections that are about the same width as your brush. For hair that's prone to damage, keep hair dryer about 3 inches away from the hair. Walk brush and hairdryer together with nozzle pointing away from the roots. Apply a small amount of Hair Potion for the perfect finish



Purposeful Ingredients

Cold-Pressed / Sustainable / Fair Trade / Organic Farming

Vegan & Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free

  • Daikon Seed Extract - considered the miracle root for hair, it absorbs quickly into hair to provide an effective protective barrier for all-day protection. Its very unique fatty acid composition makes it an ideal daily moisturizer for the hair and scalp while adding strength and shine to hair. 
  • Meadowfoam Seed Oil - with a fatty acid profile that was almost made for hair care, Meadowfoam Seed Oil is effective at keeping hair hydrated and mending split ends while maintaining and boosting precious shine-inducing moisture-locking cuticles. It can also help to keep the scalp healthy when used as a pre-shampoo oil treatment. Being resistant to heat, Meadowfoam Seed Oil can also be used as a pre-styling treatment to protect the hair against straightening, curling, and blow-drying.
  • Tsubaki Seed Oil -From the Oshima Islands of Japan, known to grow the best, most nutrient-rich Tsubaki oil. Used by women and men in Japan for centuries, it offers immense benefits to help prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL) from scalp + hair and helps balance with a composition similar to skin sebum. Because of its high levels of essential fatty acids, polyphenols, and several vitamins, it infuses potent antioxidant protection to help prevent damage and help maintain health. It's famous for its ability to seal in moisture for smoother-looking hair and skin while helping to prevent frizz and provide silky shine. 
  • Amla Fruit Extract - widely used in Ayurvedic medicine, it has a remarkable ability to nourish & promote healthier scalp and stronger, healthier hair. While all hair types can benefit from its benefits, it can effectively help transform dry, brittle hair and is especially well-suited for conditioning curly, wavy, textured hair. It can dramatically help to soothe and balance problem scalp concerns to support healthy hair growth and shinier hair with less breakage.
  • Sesame Seed Oil - An effective carrier oil used for many Ayurvedic formulations that are very beneficial to promote scalp and hair health. Rich in B-complex vitamins, vitamin E, and hair crucial protein-building amino acids minerals including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc, it revitalizes damaged hair, strengthens,  deeply nourishes hair at the roots, and helps protect from sun and environmental damage. It provides anti-inflammatory properties and anti-bacterial properties to relieve several scalp conditions.  
  • Abyssinian Seed Oil - contains B1, B2, B6, and several vitamins, minerals, and proteins important for hair health. Its unsaturated C22 fatty acid makes it highly resistant to oxidation and it's highly stable against breakdown from heat. It promotes hair protection from dehydration with added shine and in an overall improved condition even after styling. 
  • Grape Seed Oil - helps to lock in moisture to limit frizz and split ends and adds shine without heavy buildup or weighing hair down. It helps promote scalp health without clogging pores and helps remove flakes and dandruff that can be triggered from dry skin to fungal growth. 
  • Sunflower Seed Oil its anti-inflammatory properties can help relieve itchy or problematic scalp. Rich in both vitamins K & E and polyunsaturated fatty acids, it infuses the scalp and hair with needed ingredients to produce stronger, healthier-looking hair. Its high linoleic acid content has been shown to provide healing abilities to plaque-like skin lesions which can damage the hair follicles and cause hair to fall. 
  • Dragonfruit Seed Oil This nutrient-rich oil also helps to strengthen, repair and protect hair from environmental and styling damage with super emollient and deeply hydrating properties that also helps to treat dry scalp and dandruff.
  • Maracuja Seed Oil - contains very high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, phenolic compounds, vitamins A, E, & F that have been shown to help improve both scalp and hair help and provide regenerative and moisturizing benefits to both scalp and hair strands. This results in less breakage visibly sealing split ends while providing shine and softening dry, brittle hair. 
  • Argan Oil - its high content of vitamin E and essential fatty acids are beneficial to the crucial health of hair. It helps to hydrate, soften and promote shiny smoothness to hair while neutralizing damage from environmental impact and mechanical or styling stress. This, in turn, helps to prevent breakage and split ends.
  • Black Raspberry Seed Oil - besides helping to prevent moisture loss, adding elasticity plus suppleness, helping to visibly mend split ends, and promoting a soft, silky feel, it provides hair with immediate sparkle and shine. 
  • Baobab Oil extremely beneficial when applied to dry and split hair. The oil's composition makes it a perfect, lightweight natural moisturizer that adds much-needed nutrients to the hair and scalp providing hair with excellent moisturizing and detangling benefits.
  • Elderberry Extract - traditionally used for many years in herbal medicines, this fruit extract offers protective antioxidants and conditioning benefits to skin. Rich in anthocyanins, flavanols, and phenolics, it exhibits exceptional natural broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties that are very effective against fungal microorganisms.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Gail Gross
    Shiny, lively grey hair.

    Hair Potion has brought my very long, grey hair back to life. Over the years, I have used several of the individual ingredients alone. The combination and proportion of oils in Hair Potion work much better for me than any of the single oils by themselves. After using Hair Potion for five weeks, I have noticed less frizz and a lot more body and shine. Breakage and hair fall are reduced as well. I shampoo once every five days (or so) and I have been using five or six drops as a pre-shampoo treatment and one or two drops on towel dried hair. It amazes me that such a small amount can have such a great effect. Thank you, Brendan, for another truly effective product.

    Diana Cole
    Hair Potion is magical

    I have always struggled with dryness. My hair gets frizzy no matter what I do and my scalp gets so dry at times that it starts flaking. I've tried countless OTC and prescription products most of which end up drying me out more. That was of course until I tried Lex and Jong's Hair Potion. I don't wash my hair everyday but when I do I just use six or seven drops of Hair Potion on towel dried hair. It is the only product I use! No more smoothing creams or frizz control sprays or special topicals for my scalp. It honestly has solved so many problems for me. It has however created one new problem...I can't stop touching my hair! 😄

    Sarah Jesudason
    On my second bottle already…

    …because I brought it with my to my salon appointment, and my stylist loved it so much I left my first bottle with her,

    Nobody has seen my natural color since way before we wondered if Beyoncé would make it as a solo artist. Lately my front pieces have been lightened and highlighted, and as careful and skilled as my stylist is, that does take a toll on texture.

    I had done a pre-shampoo treatment before I came in, and we used some as a finishing product at the end of my processes today. The heat really brings out the power of this potion. My hair is sleek and the colors are shining.

    Reviewer avatar
    Frizz Free

    I used lex+jong's Hair Potion as a deep conditioner on my transitioning grey hair for the first time today. I have always struggled with frizzy, fine hair and it is nigh on impossible to find something that tames frizz without weighing my hair down into limp straggles. As recommended, I saturated my dry hair with the #hairpotion and left it for 20ish minutes, then shampooed as usual. I air-dry my curls, partly to avoid heat damage on the lengths, but mostly out of sheer laziness. I finished my "styling" with a light dusting (can you dust with an oil?? 🤪) before pining it back off my face ... who needs to hide when you have Brendan's skin care products ... @lexandjong ... on your side!
    I recommend this product without hesitation. It delivers its promise. It is cruelty free. It is a small business. It simply ticks all the boxes.

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